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Hit the Campaign Trail with GLORIA!

We really do have a GREAT chance of putting GLORIA in the State Senate for District 6!!!

There are 1,350 TEA members who live in district 6, but only 51 have voted!  (early voting)  We can’t put her in office unless we make the effort to vote! The consequences of not voting should now be painfully obvious to us all.

Let’s vote!  And, if you can help her contact our members to get them to vote, please call her at 660-9800 or e-mail at

There’s not much time left!

Message from Gloria:

The campaign is going great and we are gaining momentum. The News Sentinel piece after the press conference was incredibly favorable to me and the Metropulse article was also extremely positive. I am getting great feedback on our commercial as well.

I am trying to pull together a door-to-door canvass for teachers on Saturday. We will be knocking on doors of likely voters in the 6th Senate District.  We could have a brief rally then head out with maps, lists and scripts to knock on doors of folks who haven’t voted yet.  My plan is to start at Fountain City Park at 10:30 am, have a brief rally and instructions, then head out and knock a few doors.

They may call me or email me for more information. We will be knocking on “friendly” doors where we know voters will be receptive to our message so it is really easy and fun to get out and meet folks and find that most people appreciate what we do!

Thanks for the support!


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