Please use the links below to contact The KCEA

The KCEA Office
2411 E. Magnolia Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37917
Phone (865) 522-9793



Tanya T. Coats

Vice President
Heather Wallace

Judy Barnes

Karen Peterman

Past President
Sherry Morgan


Executive Board

High School
Sandy Hughes
Chad Negendank

Middle School
Mary Brockett
Marche Lee

Elementary School
Ashley Anthony
Megan Blevins
Amy Duncan
Judith Hiscock

Special Schools
Connie Mitchell

Brad Corum

Education Support Personel
Peggy Thomas

Anthony Hancock


*Ex-Officio Representatives

TEA Board

TEA East TN Minority at Large
Paula Hancock

District 4 TEA Board of Directors
Anthony Hancock


NEA Resolutions Committee
Anthony Hancock


Website Administrator
Jennifer Owen


Advocate Editor
Trish Russell



KCEA Administrative Assistant
Abbie Hoover

*Representatives on the TEA and NEA Boards also serve as non-voting members of the KCEA Executive Board


Why should I join KCEA?

By joining KCEA, TEA and NEA, you join the ranks of more than two million members of the United Education Profession. Listed below are a few of the many benefits and services that help meet the needs of our members:

  • Negotiations: KCEA is the exclusive bargaining agent for the educators of Knox County’s public schools.
  • A strong united voice
  • Job protection
  • Best liability insurance
  • Reduced insurance rates
  • Professional development
  • Inservice workshops
  • Legal advice and representation
  • Local, state and national lobbying programs
  • Discount buying programs
  • Professional publications
  • Education research
  • On-site staff assistance
  • Participatory decision making
  • Retirement protection

How much are the KCEA dues?

Certified Members pay an annual membership of $551.84 or $45.99 per month.

Classified members pay an annual membership fee of $289.42 or $24.12 per month.

Explanation of Fees >>

How do I know if I am classified as Certified or Non-Certified?

Please call the KCEA office at (865) 522-9793. We’ll help you determine your classification.

Can I join online?

No. We’re sorry, but at this time we don’t have the ability to accept online applications. You can, however, download and print our membership forms right now. Simply fill it out and fax or mail it in.

Certified Membership Form Download (PDF)
Non-Certified Membership Form Download (PDF)

Where can I find the codes for the membership application?

The codes for the KCEA membership application can be found in our Application Codes Reference>>